Bamboo floors, natural and sustainable

Bamboo flooring is the revolution in the world of design. It is brighter than pine, lighter than oak, the bamboo floor brings tropical shine to any room. The bamboo floor creates space where before there were only shadows. If you have already made a great investment in design but want to complement your home with a perfect floor bamboo flooring is your choice. The bamboo that is used industrially to produce pavements and boards belongs only to three or four varieties of bamboo of the 15oo that exist. The use of bamboo is totally sustainable, we avoid on the one hand the felling of trees and at the same time the bamboo is renewable since after cutting it springs back.

Bamboo floors1

The bamboo parquet is very bright and hard. In its normal presentation the bamboo floor is harder and more stable than oak or beech. And if we choose presentations subject to pressure treatments the degree of hardness is doubled and we are talking about platforms that support the fall of a ball of petanque without marking. Which makes these treated bamboo floors ideal for public spaces with a lot of traffic. In the home to cover the floor of the living room, the rooms and corridors, we will need a normal bamboo flooring, strong enough in itself to withstand the incessant passage of children and pets.

Bamboo floors2

In the market there is already an extensive range of bamboo flooring and we can choose between different finishes, different qualities and an important range of colors and designs. The presentation is typical of parquet slats and in some finishes you have to pay attention to recognize their origin. The shine is possibly the first quality of the bamboo flooring and then the designs are the ones that make the difference.


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