Backlit pictures

They are about pictures with lighting in the back that will give a luxurious touch to our apartment, at a very affordable price. They are simply spectacular, and the possibilities are great. Here we will give you some ideas on how to perfectly combine the pictures with the rooms for a unique effect.

Backlit pictures

Idea nº 1 - Ambiente de Libertad

This living room inspires a very fresh, open, pure environment ... you feel freedom just step on the room. Personally I think the most spectacular example when combining these pictures. A room with furniture and decoration almost entirely in white will be spectacular with this painting, which besides inspiring, will give a small touch of color without clashing at all with the rest of the room.

Backlit pictures 1

Idea nº 2 - Tranquility Environment

This painting will definitely look perfect at night. The combination of furniture could be any, preferably with a modern touch, but in almost any type of room will be spectacular. Inspires an atmosphere of tranquility that undoubtedly the night will be appreciated, and give another light and very different look to the room. Perfect to watch television, with a dim light.

Backlit pictures 2

Idea nº 3 - Perfect Combination of Tones

Example of perfect harmony with this painting, it gives the brushstroke that the room lacks. We can do it looking for the accessories for the room as adequately as possible regarding the painting. In this case, he gets that carpet in pink tone dark stick, and the blue details: the blanket, the cushion, the table-trunk ... Converts a sober room into a much more cheerful.

Backlit pictures 3

Idea nº 4 - Style " Pin-up

And there are no limits when it comes to decorating our house. For lovers of the trend pin-up , they can place a picture like this without clashing with the home. As always, using the colors of the details will be our best ally, as in this case the red roses and the red cushion.

Backlit pictures 4

Idea nº 5 - The most friendly

But these paintings not only serve to give elegance to the house. They can also be combined for the children's room with more childish drawings that you will definitely love. Ideal for the most fearful who can not bear to sleep completely in the dark.

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