Baby rooms in lavender color

Far from the classic colors we present these baby rooms in lavender color, an idea that brings elegance and sophistication to this room of the house. We do not always have to think in infant terms when we are going to decorate a room for our baby, in reality who else is going to enjoy it at this stage of your life will be you. There will be time to share your son or daughter's decoration of your room in a few years, less and less as it seems that the children are born more and more savvy.


The cloth-covered ceiling of this room is spectacular but the rest is not far behind. A beautiful base that offers us the lavender color to get a luxury baby room.


A completely different space, bright and bright that produces a pleasant sensation. Again the lavender color, in this case a little more saturated, offers us a good base and to calm down a bit the environment has chosen to use white furniture.


This classic air-conditioned room is very elegant with the black crib and armchair. A nice combination, maybe the carpet is not the most appropriate.


And if you like the most childish and playful environments you will surely love this room. The racks with fabrics are a great idea to decorate the walls.


A mirror always helps create a bright and spacious feeling. For lovers of classic furniture.


This room shows an eclectic style that combines furniture and objects from different backgrounds. An interesting option, somewhat daring.


Luxury, glamor, elegance and sophistication so that our little baby gets used to the shine from her earliest childhood.


This room is much more sober but not less elegant. The lavender color has only been used to create beautiful and attractive nuances of contrast.


Armchair lamp, rich lavender curtains and a nice armchair with footstool, another interesting and luxurious way to decorate a room for a baby.


Even in intense tones the lavender color is fine, here we see how it creates a beautiful combination and a striking contrast.


If we add an elegant plot to color, we can create spaces as interesting as this one. Modern, bright and very cozy.


Another fashionable room, huge letters and a wall papered to create a pleasant environment. The carpet and ottoman are the element of contrast that draws the eye with its striking color.


A good example of how a few textiles serve to completely change the visual impact of a decoration. A neutral environment is revitalized only by introducing lavender fabrics.

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