Awnings: Essential protection for the sun

To enjoy the outdoors and not suffer from sunstroke, in our days it is elementary to place an awning on the terrace, balcony or patio. But for that a previous study of the place is necessary, since each one requires its formula.


An example of this is if you have a large surface terrace without roofs; In this case, the ideal awning is the "traditional" or wire. In contrast, for balconies the most appropriate are those called "under balconies", with highly resistant wind arms. If instead you want to place it in windows where there is not much traffic, we recommend the "straight point" and the capotinas.
However, the preferred of our days is the awning of invisible arms, which has great adaptability to all types of constructions, and allows trafficability in the places where it is placed. In addition, given the possibility of building it in large dimensions, it fulfills the function of old galleries.
For every need, there is a model, from the simplest to the most intelligent.
The success of these awning systems, added to the wide range of acrylic, vinyl and screen fabrics, have made the awning a fundamental element when it comes to project the needs of the house.


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