Autumn decoration with pumpkins

I hope you have had an excellent Halloween day and that your children have collected a good amount of sweets and have had a great time dressing up. But the fall is not over yet and the pumpkins are so characteristic of this season that they give us a lot of room to decorate with them even if it is not Halloween. After the kitsch folklore of these parties we can return to good taste and what is truly beautiful.

Decoration with pumpkins 1

And pumpkins can help us give a autumnal touch to the decoration of our home. Combined with flowers, shrubs and fruits from the station we will create great centerpieces and other decorations for any room in the house. Above you have an example of what we are talking about, a pumpkin cut and emptied will serve to place a vase inside and make a flower arrangement with very attractive seasonal specimens.

Decoration with pumpkins 2

Copies of smaller pumpkins can also serve us, if we cut and empty them as autumnal candle holders. Surrounded by other types of pumpkins or other autumnal fruits will help us form a beautiful presentation.

Decoration with pumpkins 3

Here we have a small pumpkin forming part of an arrangement made with other fruits typical of the autumnal season, to give color and life to our home.

Decoration with pumpkins 4

Decoration with pumpkins 5

Two more examples of arrangements made with flowers, plants and bushes with their berries that we can make with pumpkins. Empty the inside of the pumpkins and place a container with a little water and inside you can put the most typical vegetable products of your area in this season.

Decoration with pumpkins 6

This composition realized with glass vases of different size filled with water and with a small pumpkin floating in its interior is of a beauty and an elegance without comparison. If we accompany it with a flower to match the color of the pumpkins we will have a decoration that can really shine in any environment.


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