Automotive-inspired cuisine

The classic American automobile brand, Buick, celebrates its 110 years of existence this year. The Ukrainian designer Yaroslav Galant has designed this commemorative kitchen, inspired by the Buick classics of the 50s. Those great American cars with wooden structure that we have seen so much in the Hollywood films of that legendary era.

Kitchen inspired by the buicks of the 50 1

Varnished wood to appreciate the design of the natural grain combined with steel. The aerodynamic line also mimics that of the old Buick. A work that tries to revive the designs of those cars in a kitchen.

Kitchen inspired by the buicks of the 50 2

The small automotive details, the rear-view mirrors, for example, now turned into small luminous spotlights to achieve the characteristic shine of metal and the paint of a real automobile.

Kitchen inspired by the buicks of the 50 3

The Buick bumpers have now become the cooking area and the sink. Enlarged to a suitable measure for its function and showing off all the beauty of its conical shapes made of chromed metal.

Kitchen inspired by the buicks of the 50 4

The front grille of the car, responsible for the intake of air to cool the immense Buick engine has also been transformed into subtle luminous appliqués. The kitchen cabinets are made following the wooden paneling design of some Buick models.

Kitchen inspired by the buicks of the 50 5

Even a sofa to rest for a while in this dynamic kitchen has been made following the design of the majestic bumpers worn by the Buick of the time. An entire design exercise in honor of the American car industry that reflects its best era, those 50s of the last century when gasoline was cheap and all Americans could enjoy their great cars to travel its immense geography.


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