Author's designs and something else

Every week now you can find original and eye-catching author's designs. Some of us can use them at home ... but others ????
We invite you to know these first proposals and to give your opinion about them.
Sofa for young students : enough to have everything scattered and not find anything. This sofa is the ideal solution for young people who are going to live alone for the first time and are students. You can have everything stored on the sofa and by hand ...

Author's designs and something else 1

Annotator for the shower : we always come up with ideas or we remember things that we have to buy when we are in the shower. If we wait to write them down until we finish taking the bath, we will surely forget them. Now we can do it in the shower!

Author's designs and something else 3

Dispenser of soap for the bathroom : Do you like dieferentes? those that can surprise big and kids ??? Well, for you it is this soap dispenser ... that is ... nothing guarantees that you feel clean after bathing ...

Author's designs and something else 2

Which one do you like the most ???


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