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Today we present to you new curiosities of the world of design and decor . Some of us could use them, others we do not know. The truth is that if we cheer up we can have fun ...
Armchair Coffee Bag : a new way of resting, an armchair made with coffee bags. Surely an extremely delicious and different break ...

Armchair Coffee Bag

PacMan Opener : for the most fans of the video game, this PacMan jagged opener is perfect to take it everywhere and always have what to open a rich beer.

PacMan Opener

Spoon-Finger : a new way of eating your ice cream or yogurt. How when we were little and we wanted to do it with our hands ... now we have this new accessory!


Umbrella stands and water carrier : for coffee lovers and who do not have time to sit down and drink it. With this umbrella they can be in the rain or the sun, carry their coffee without spilling and all with one hand. Very comfortable!

Umbrella stands and water carrier


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