Authentic outdoor tables

The beauty of rustic wood , unpolished, is a brilliant idea to create our outdoor dining rooms. Gardens, patios and galleries are the perfect setting to house these tables of authentic rustic style, very well accompanied by chairs and benches of the same or similar material. We present some ideas so that the meals and dinners in the open air have a unique charm played by the wood in its purest form.

Outdoor rustic tables 1

Thanks to the consistency and appearance of the wood, these tables they will mimic the environment Without much effort. Natural tables next to the undergrowth of our gardens and patios. The beauty of this furniture, as we say, is in that charm so natural that they show, with rickety surfaces of undeniable vintage effect. They are great for those occasions when outdoor encounters require a very special scenario, one hundred percent natural.

Outdoor rustic tables 2

Take advantage of those furniture that we have a little threadbare, in which the passage of time is so visible, to turn them into absolute protagonists of exterior. In addition, this type of antique furniture has an extra advantage, and is that they are usually large, robust, with an ideal surface and texture to host large gatherings around. In many occasions we will not even need to use table linen, we will need small tablecloths or directly leave the table uncovered, giving a more rustic appearance. But this is always optional, it depends on how we want to entertain our guests or if the nature of the meeting or event itself needs it.

Outdoor tables 3

Outdoor tables 4

As a decorative complement for these tables, it is best to opt for equally simple elements. This will allow us to enhance the natural comfort of these outdoor environments. Lanterns to illuminate, sprinklers as decoration and minimalist floral centers will give tables and stages that natural decorative supplement that goes hand in hand.

Outdoor rustic tables 5


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