Authentic Nordic color eaters

The Nordic eaters They are characterized by forming compositions with little furniture , in simple materials (usually wood) and for being spaces where the small details . While white is the quintessential color of Nordic homes, many proposals include coloring of all kinds to make these environments more vivid. The following examples are a good example of how to bring color to these small environments with the authenticity of the Nordic style.

Nordic style dining 1

Pink, green or blue in their more electric ranges they tend to work very well between Scandinavian simplicity with a blank base . They bring both dynamism and vivacity. If we also add a few floral decorations As simple as those of the first images, we will bring more brightness to the spaces.

Nordic style dining 2

Another way to achieve spaces with great force is to paint old colored wooden chairs as alive and spontaneous as the orange, blue cyan or yellow mustard . Industrial lamps also in orange complete the beautiful picture:

Nordic style dining 3

This other proposal is simply great: carpet in multiple colors under an old wooden table, chairs in white with lining and cushions in violet range. Irresistible in its simplicity.

Nordic style dining 4

Again the wood accompanied by chairs painted in pastel shades It can make these spaces shine with their own light, with a distinct personality, warm and very homelike.

Nordic style dining 5

We finished with this dining room in Nordic industrial style where the light green contrasts very effectively against the metallic gray . The proposal seduces by the risk of the composition and by modernizing in an original way spaces with such a point of manners.

Nordic style dining 6


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