Attractive and fun house on the beach with an incredible deco

The design team of Chango & Co. from New York the decorative project for this attractive and fun house on the beach was proposed in a different and original way. Of course it is not the typical beach house with its decoration based on colors and marine objects, where blues and whites set the tone. On the other hand, there are white people in this house but not a single touch of blue.


The light is the main protagonist in the decoration of the whole house. All that natural light that bathes it is multiplied by those yellow and orange touches that are scattered around the house.


It is decorated in a contemporary style with pieces of different origin and style. The nexus of union is fun, although the predominant color is white we find fruit motifs in the dining room as well as in one of the children's rooms.


These high chairs painted in yellow produce a spectacular shine in the decoration of the white kitchen. A very special place for family breakfast.


A corner for the bar has been reserved in the kitchen, a very important idea to gather the family and friends in the kitchen after a day at the beach.



In the living room decoration is done with that pair of beautiful plywood chairs and colored threads with its matching side table.


A small dining room is located next to the living room and seems reserved for breakfasts or more informal meetings. It combines different seats, different chairs and a bench with metal structure.


In the hallway you can breathe that beach air, the bench with space for towels and hooks of wood and leather to hang bathrobes and hats have a casual look.


The bathroom with this incredible collection of small mirrors with multicolored frames is a good representative of the spirit that animates this decoration.


The master bedroom with an amazing bed of patterned flowers and 50's furniture stands out for its clean and clear walls.



The small connecting spaces between the rooms always have a special touch. The game room is a paradise for the little ones to have a good time in bad weather.


Another charming little corner with beautiful works of art and colorful, missing more, as well as a curious medieval chair.


One of the children's rooms stands out for the decoration of the walls with black triangles and the flotilla of planes hanging from the ceiling.


Another, more feminine, stands out for the slices of watermelon that decorate the wall and the bedding in pink, yellow and white.

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