At the home of the Danish designer Stéphanie Barbon

The house of the Danish graphic designer Stéphanie Barbon it's a great example of how the Classic Scandinavian style You earn many points if you know how to add definitive details to the decoration, the classic "personal touch" that each person usually gives to their home and that reinvents with style the own decoration.

Enjoying the house of a designer 01

This designer plays very well with the geometric lines in the decoration, enhancing each room in a showy and elegant way. This is the case of the carpet under this table, whose design plays visually with the legs of the chairs, creating a dynamic and impacting effect.

Enjoying the house of a designer 02

The compositions in black lines are another of the successes that this woman has managed to introduce metered in the Nordic basic style, whose luminous and vibrant appearance is based mainly on the white color, the essence of the interior of the houses of northern Europe.

Enjoying the house of a designer 03

Every detail seems thought and calculated to create these fun visual games of lines and colors, which bring so much liveliness and presence to this beautiful family home, in a game of shapes that will dazzle the most curious.

Enjoying the house of a designer 04


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