Articulated table for notebooks

For all those who use laptops or notebooks there is always a problem that arises. Be at home as in the office, the laptop allows us to develop our activity in different positions and places. But in those situations we are not always comfortable ... always something is cramped, or simply bothers us the heat that can radiate the notebook.

Articulated table for notebooks 3

That is why this table that we present today will be the solution to the problem of many. She is " Nottable "
Nottable "It is a multi-articulated table for laptops. Its use is simple and it is extremely light. Easy to assemble, easy to move, easy to enjoy!
It is made of aluminum and comes in different colors that are: fuccia, red, black, blue, yellow and gray. They are all bright and very happy. It is a design of Brazilian origin that far exceeds all those similar tables that are currently on the market not only for its quality and design but for its practicality.
It is adaptable to notebooks from 10 "to 17", which is the widest range available. It has two fasteners with rubber tips to keep the computers firm and not scratch them. It is also completely hollow which makes the ventilation complete. In addition, a support for the mouse can be added.
The table has a 3-joint robotic arm that allows tilt adjustments to increase from 0 ° to 90 °, one up to 40 cm and 10 to exit and go up to 40 cm high. As its upper axis is free, it can be rotated 360 degrees and maintain the joint.
Nottable "It is the table for laptops that we were all waiting for. We leave photos to see it better and a video to see how it works.

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Articulated table for notebooks 2

Articulated table for notebooks 4

Articulated table for notebooks 5


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