Art hanging on a hanger

To fill the walls, to fight against that emptiness without losing your composure or falling into obscurity is often terribly frustrating. Especially when your bank account does not allow you excesses when it comes to purchasing those works of art that you like so much but you can not afford. But once again creativity comes to save us, we can enjoy a great artistic sensibility and at the same time not break our economy.

Pictures hung with hangers 1

This idea has seemed very original, creative and of great beauty. Hang sheets, drawings, lithographs, oils, watercolors, photographs, posters and everything you can think of without having to leave your budget in the framing workshop.

Pictures hung with hangers 2

A simple object, as common as a hanger to hang clothes can be a great element to hang what we want on the wall. It also allows us to create beautiful and symmetrical geometric figures. To the beauty of the hung the beauty of where it hangs joins. All a great idea.

Pictures hung with hangers 3

The ideals as you can see in the images that accompany this article are the hangers for hanging skirts and as you know there are two types, with tweezers and those that form themselves a pincer that traps the skirt by the waist. The first ones with their triangular shape become a protagonist of the scene, the second most discrete pass more unnoticed. Everything depends on your taste and intention when using them in decorating the walls of your home.

Pictures hung with hangers 4

Maybe you like this proposal and you get to work. The assembly is very simple and the adaptability of the system is maximum. I hope it inspires you and tell us your experiences.


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