Art Deco apartment with details in violet and gold

The style known as Art Deco it was popularized in the second decade of the 20th century as a modernist and eclectic style where a certain tendency to use baroque elements is perceived. It has been the style chosen to decorate the interior of this apartment located in the capital of Russia, Moscow. In it we can see how the color violet assumes the role between flashes of gold and some silver.

Department in art deco style 1

The most striking is found in the walls of this house, painted in such a way that its lilac tone varies depending on the lighting of each moment. In these walls we also find a surprising detail: some roses carved on its surface, a very artistic touch.

Department in art deco style 2

The furniture has that avant-garde air that makes spaces slightly baroque and modernist spaces. There is a chandelier presiding over the living room, several floral details, and armchairs and canapés with a clearly avant-garde style. The red velvet of these seats helps to build a sybarite scene and a bit pompous.

Apartment in art deco style 3

Apartment in art deco style 4

The rest of the details are equally striking: mosaics with brightness, a striking white pendulum clock with golden finials, a symmetrical organization of objects (which gives the house a slightly unreal look), and some brushstrokes of avant-garde art. in the walls. All this within an environment where there are ample and open spaces, as well as the creation of different habitats in the same scenario.

Department in art deco style 5

Apartment in art deco style 6

In the rest of the house the softness of the violet is combined with an exquisite range in gold, creating a very Rococo atmosphere. In the bedroom there is a large headboard and other details of Baroque style that are conquering little by little thanks to its harmony and its magnificent result.

Apartment in art deco style 7

A style that ends up liking, especially those who seek to create new spaces in a style far from the usual.

Apartment in art deco style 8


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