Architecture studio made with containers

The metal transport containers are designed to move and the architects of Daiken-met designed their architectural studio in Gifu, Japan, exactly with that idea of ​​mobility. By having a short-term lease of the lot on which they raised their study they did so as a temporary structure without foundations.

Office made with containers 1

It is a solution to build temporary structures that can be easily changed. The metal structure on which the containers fit is easy to dismantle and move to another location. The interior lighting is a mixture of artificial and natural light that enters through the windows installed in the doors of the containers.

Office made with containers 2

The removable metal structure prepared as a scaffolding allows to build and distribute the necessary elements to access the stacked containers. Although it is not an essential structure since the structure of the containers allows them to be stacked up to a total of nine with full load and sixteen empty ones. Instead it greatly facilitates the placement of terraces and access stairs.

Office made with containers 3

The interior decoration of the containers is modern and functional, completely oriented to the function that an architecture studio has to fulfill. Space for material storage and large work tables.

Office made with containers 4

The industrial look of the containers themselves plus that of the metal structure gives the whole a great relevance to the construction. Mobile beauty and easy to build. Once again it shows that functionality is not at all incompatible with beauty and design. A practical and economical solution easy to perform.


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