Architecture and cold, an experimental house

Japanese architects are among the most active in the world when it comes to studying new buildings adapted to the climatic and environmental conditions, sometimes extreme, of their country. On this occasion we bring you an interesting project carried out by Kengo Kuma and Associates .

an experimental house1

an experimental house2

This translucent house that looks like a lamp in the middle of the night is located on the island of Hokkaido, the second largest island in Japan. With it the architects have wanted to study the limits of architecture in cold climates. The architects were inspired by the traditional dwellings of the Ainu, the indigenous people of the island, said houses called Cise were formed by a structure covered with reeds or bamboo tied with herbs.

an experimental house3

an experimental house4

The fundamental idea of ​​the Cise, or house of the earth, is to keep the earth warm and thus take advantage of the return of such warming. The experimental house was built around a larch frame and has a thick layer of polyester insulation sandwiched between the polycarbonate lining on the outside and the fiberglass fabric lining the interior. This insulation was made using recycled plastic bottles and allows light to pass through the walls to the house.

an experimental house5

an experimental house6

"Without dependence on any lighting system, you just have to get up when the light comes and sleep at night, we hope this house will lead a life synchronized with the rhythm of nature" say the architects.

an experimental house7

an experimental house8

This experimental house commissioned by the Meme Meadows Research Center, a center specialized in environmental technology, will be used to test different factors that affect the thermal qualities of the construction.

an experimental house9

an experimental house10

The inner fiberglass coating can be removed for different experiments, so the wooden structure of the windows can be removed for the same purpose. The floor is covered with straw mats and as in the traditional Cise has a central fireplace that heats the floor of the house.

an experimental house11

We hope that the different heating and insulation systems that support the idea of ​​this experimental house will work if the cold inside the house can be unbearable.


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