Aquaduct, a modular 3D planter

One of the technological advances that have had the most impact in recent months has been the 3D printer, a machine with which you can print real designs in three dimensions. The scientific world and, of course, the one that concerns us here, the decorative one, have been shaken by this spectacular invention. Aquaduct , is a set for plants printed with this particularity, in three dimensions ... Incredible, but true !.

Aquaduct the jardiniere 3D 1

It is a small set of bowls or pots (in them you can plant small cuttings) communicated with each other and in the form of a waterfall. The genius in this case is given because all the containers are interconnected by means of a set of communicating watering cans: when pouring water on the upper pieces, it flows to the immediately lower levels, thus irrigating the rest of the plants, in the manner of a small aqueduct.

Aquaduct the jardiniere 3D 2

Aquaduct the jardiniere 3D 3

The beauty and creativity of this modular planter can be exposed in windows, balconies or terraces, or if you prefer anywhere else in the house, it hardly takes up space (you can see that it is quite manageable and barely weighs). It can be hung from the ceiling and presented as a small decorative mobile.

Aquaduct the jardiniere 3D 4

It is the designer's work Evan Grant , that in a start of creativity offers us a new concept of decoration and home gardening based on this new invention, 3D printing, which is sure to continue to give much to talk about in the coming years.

Aquaduct the jardiniere 3D 5

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