Apartments with special walls

The classic walls plasterboard or gotelé they are giving way to a new generation of more special interiors. The walls of these homes aspire to a new concept of architecture, to break with the fear of the different and create different scenarios with a beauty that goes from the rustic to the contemporary.

Special walls for apartments 01

Brick walls seen: This type of construction is very common outside of urban buildings. But what happens if this trend is transferred to the interior of the houses? Well, we have as a result prints as genuine as the ones we see here. The first apartment is very modern: brick seen in white, for a metropolitan lifestyle and very modern. In its most natural face, without paint, the brick cladding of these characteristics is more used for spaces with rustic tendencies, although they do not cease to possess a certain degree of contemporaneity. Can you imagine the walls of your bedroom lined with brick? The truth is that the result is quite authentic.

Special walls for apartments 02

Special walls for apartments 03

Wooden walls : advancing through other materials, we find walls covered with wood, of an unusual beauty and very homelike. The result is interiors that adapt to very different styles: minimalist decorations, classic interior styles, or more renovated designs, where wood becomes the star element. We are facing very inspired surfaces, full of naturalness and very welcoming. Cork is another very personal option, and it is also a good thermal and acoustic insulator.

Special walls for departments 04

Special walls for apartments 05

Special walls for departments 06

Glass: glass and glass work more as space separators and lighting games when we want to create a natural and relaxed atmosphere. This type of covering is very suitable for bathrooms, staircases and kitchens. But its beauty is also undoubted and very current.

Special walls for apartments 07

To finish, we are left with these rustic coatings Formed by tree trunks y stone, for more daring spaces, for when we want to run away from the usual and surround ourselves with surfaces with such peculiar and personal textures as these.

Special walls for departments 08

Special walls for apartments 09

Special walls for departments 010

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