Apartments: simple, modern and delicate

This apartment can conquer even the smallest retailer at the time of the decor . The simplicity, the serenity, the delicacy of it is admirable.
The minimalist style and the most modern touches, combined in an old apartment that has been built for more than 30 years.

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-01

In each of its spaces it has been sought to maximize natural lighting through the openings, colors and style of its furniture.
A room to share a moment of relaxation with your family or with your partner.

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-02

A room where rest and tranquility are guaranteed. Getting up in the morning with first rays of sun flooding the space must be fantastic.

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-03

The dinning room of daily that is in the kitchen is ideal to share in family. The brightness that provides on the table the proximity of the window allows you to enjoy it all day without using electric light.

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-04

The kitchen conserves its minimalist style modern . White, simple lines, but maximizing their spaces. In an apartment kitchen we always have to try to take advantage of every inch, since there is no abundance to expand.

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-05

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-06

At bathroom It is still in the same concept, take advantage of every available space and have used light colors to give a sense of spaciousness in it.

Apartments_ simple, modern and delicate-07


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