Apartments: get space where there is not

The main need in a small apartment is to achieve a balanced distribution between the living space and the space intended for storage. Getting the right space for every need is the main work of the architect and the interior designer.

Reduced spaces apartment 1

In this small attic located in the port of Camogli, a village near Genoa, Italy, is has solved this eternal dilemma in a rational and ingenious way .

Reduced spaces apartment 2

Understood as a space to live is the result of a simple design, without great luxury or crazy projects, is a design to live quietly in a small space. It has been made virtue of necessity and the small apartment has been distributed in four pieces. Living room, kitchen and dining room on the one hand, master bedroom, guest bedroom and bathroom.

Reduced spaces apartment 3

The wall that separates the bedroom contains cabinets for storage, the small space next to the master bedroom also has storage areas and a single bed embedded in the floor. An original idea to make the most of the space.

Reduced spaces apartment 4

The interior of the master bedroom is a huge wardrobe to store everything you need. A solution that allows to have a great storage potential despite the small size of the house.

Reduced spaces apartment 5

In this plan of the house you can see, in blue, all the space to store and organize that has been achieved with this project. Really amazing. And all with a fresh and healthy view over the Mediterranean. I think you can not ask for more.


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