Apartments: a beautiful minimalist decoration

The minimalist decoration It is the favorite among young people and lovers of decoration. Hundreds of signatures and designers worldwide have made this style their own stamp and manage to surprise us with the results.

a beautiful minimalist decoration-2

This time is the signature Neopolis who brings us this apartment with a minimalist decoration Modern and refined
The colors white, red, gray and some detail in black are central to this decoration.
Simple, comfortable, modern and beautiful are the perfect adjectives that define the decoration of this apartment. A cozy living room, with modern furniture with straight lines, walls and ceilings fully combined in the central colors of the decor . Although it is a department of small dimensions, every centimeter has been maximized.
There is little furniture and they have been arranged in such a way that visually a very important sense of amplitude is achieved. The decoration with symmetrical lines creates that idea of ​​space that at first glance we obtain from it.

a beautiful minimalist decoration-1

a beautiful minimalist decoration-3

a beautiful minimalist decoration-4

Despite the minimal space, a minimalist decoration practical, elegant and simple ... the most important thing is that it is very beautiful.


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