Apartment with details in yellow

It is one of the most wonderful colors when it comes to decorating. Attractive, bright, cheerful and full of life. The yellow color combined with a white base is the ideal pair for decor In the home. In this apartment, this was the pair of colors chosen and the details introduced in it in this color to achieve an elegant visual effect, cozy and with modern touches and some details of vintage style .

Apartment with details in yellow

White furniture, with walls and some of its floors in the same color. Through objects, decorative accessories, coverings such as wallpaper and details of bedding and curtains are chosen to introduce the yellow color .

Apartment with details in yellow 1

Simple accessories and old bottles, to decorate with these simple yellow flowers the dining table.

Apartment with details in yellow 2

In the room, some of his armchairs were reupholstered with fabrics of different designs and yellow tones. Another way to introduce the color was through old paintings with a base of color in tans and yellows.

Apartment with details in yellow 3

The wallpaper of the room defines it completely. Vintage style , and full of flowers in three shades of yellow, it takes all eyes when entering this room. Bed linen, period bed and clothes complete the decoration.

Apartment with details in yellow 4

For the room of the young lady of the house, the yellow color is present in the smooth carpet, the comforter of the bed and the old suitcase with antique objects. The detail of the tree branch on the wall and the design rocking chair are beautiful.

Photos: Portobello Bride

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