Apartment with an aeronautically inspired deco

This mini-apartment located in Tainan, Taiwan, is a design exercise carried out by HAO Design that pays homage to airplanes and airports. At the same time it is a clean and bright space where it is easy to live. This ambivalence was due to the needs of the owners, a couple formed by an aeronautical engineer and his wife. It was intended to please both members of the family.

Aeronautical style deco 1

The final result is a successful combination of industrial style and Nordic style. This particular industrial style is powered by the elegance of aeronautical lines.

Aeronautical style deco 2

But there are also references to the owner's youthful passions, his love for classic American comics and his superheroes.

Aeronautical style deco 3

The table of center of reclaimed wood and structure of wrought iron is finished off with small geometric pots made with cement.

Aeronautical style deco 4

Metal is a material widely used in the decoration of this miniature apartment, a riveted metal reminiscent of the classic 1950s aircraft. The practical perforated panel allows you to store and display your personal collections.

Aeronautical style deco 5

This peninsula warns us that we must fold it before the plane takes off. Its design is reminiscent of the wings of airplanes.

Aeronautical style deco 6

Deco of aeronautical style 7

The shelves made with metal plumbing pipes and painted in red are a nod to DIY pieces so in vogue today in decoration.

Deco of aeronautical style 8

The bedroom, sober and minimalist, solves the storage needs in a practical and intelligent way. Wooden furniture design based on straight lines. The drawing of the wall of the head of the bed is also very beautiful and its simple and clean lines agree very well with the general decoration of the room. The color note is set by the green table and the small ottoman. A design that combines the tastes and needs of the couple who own but would be the paradise of any single.

Photos: freshome.com

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