Apartment with a lot of class in New York

The house of the painter and designer Jonny Detiger in New York we are struck by his personal treatment of space. Inside this loft empty spaces predominate, the White color and the design furniture contemporary. A very modern concept of housing that teaches us how with minimal decoration and so diaphanous spaces you can get great results.

Department of modern decoration 1

The interior designer Markus Dochantschi , of studioMDA , has been in charge of designing this house, whose furniture plays with futuristic elements and more classical symbols, such as the Greek columns that are erected in the corridor.

Department of modern decoration 2

Modern decoration department 3

The furniture, designed in the purest futuristic style, and the paintings that decorate some walls have been made by Detiger himself, a versatile artist who likes to take risks in design. The essential, as we see, is reduced to its minimum expression.

Department of modern decoration 4

Modern decoration department 5

By day the apartment is very bright, thanks in large part to its large windows, and further enhanced by the predominance of white. The nudity of the spaces guarantees clarity, enhances the dimensions and increases the beauty of this apartment.

Modern decoration department 6

The kitchen, in a square shape, is separated from the rest of the spaces by means of semi-transparent curtains.

Department of modern decoration 7

In the bedroom, the white of the bed contrasts with the artistic touch of the wall. It gives you a lot of personality.

Department of modern decoration 8

Avant-garde and modernity are the protagonists of this special and very classy bet.

Department of modern decoration 9

Photos: yatzer.com

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