Apartment "Marco Polo", an interior reform in green

The green color pistacho has been chosen to star in the new style of this house located in Rome. Carola Vannini, prestigious Italian interior designer, has been commissioned to create the new image of "Marco Polo" , a house of 120 square meters of surface.

Reform in green 1

Inside we find a fusion between contemporary and baroque styles (see, for example, those chandeliers that hang in some rooms). This peculiar combination of modern style with Renaissance and Baroque elements is one of the hallmarks that have made Vannini famous. Another highlight is the dark wood that covers floors and walls. A very interesting and unseen 'look' that can be confusing at first sight, but ends up seducing.

Reformation in green 2

Reform in green 3

Reform in green 4

The kitchen and dining room are separated by a green and open partition, which does not reach the ceiling, but achieves its goal of dividing both environments, but communicates thanks to a wooden table, a kind of bridge stretched between the two places .

Reform in green 5

The furniture continues in this chromatic line of green, of course, and there are also details in green on the bedding and on the shelves. Perhaps this is not the brightest color, something that has been tried to alleviate with a powerful lighting in each of the rooms. To this we must add the natural light that enters in torrents and illuminates the living room and the bedroom. The latter is a simple and warm place with a very nice and personal headboard, of unique architectural design.

Reformation in green 6

The bathroom, on the other hand, is shown in two colors, green and orange. The design is minimalist and inspiring. We can say that the global commitment to this special design goes with a note.

Reform in green 7

Reformation in green 8

Photos: arkinetia.com

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