Apartment in Nordic style with contrast of colors

With vintage details and a look fascinating, this apartment located in the Swedish city of Skåne is a good example of how to explore the Nordic style thoroughly. Spacious and cozy, the house bases its potential on a contrast of colors that creates a very enriching effect in each room.

Department in Nordic style 1

White and black that predominate in the decoration are joined by shades of gray in the different accessories that make up the rooms. Every piece of furniture and every decorative accessory is not there by chance; It is noted that the decoration is pampered, very thoughtful, and the final effect very successful.

Department in Nordic style 2

Department in Nordic style 3

There is everything that the Scandinavian style proposes to create a cozy home: the use of white to enhance light, spacious interiors with a minimalist look, vintage details that are naturally incorporated into the spaces ... all this is perfectly integrated with that Chromatic contrast sought, resulting in a much more eclectic Nordic.

Department in Nordic style 4

Department in Nordic style 5

The altitude of the roofs and the windows is used to encourage natural lighting, while the spaces are enriched with an elegant and naturalistic decoration. The contrast of black-white colors proposes a dual game that fits perfectly into the ecosystem of this house.

Department in Nordic style 6

A unique and warm place despite the apparent nudity of the spaces, beautiful thanks to that white base that reinforces the sense of peace that is breathed in this house.

Department in Nordic style 7

Department in Nordic style 8

Photos: thedesignerpad.com

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