An original reform

The praises are triggered when I see something as original, as creative and as restrained as the renovation of this house made by the Joho Architecture studio in Seoul, South Korea. In a place called Namhae, located in the same country, is this rural redoubt where the simple houses are all built with red brick. These houses are barely distinguishable from each other, as is the case in many parts of the world, but the owners of this one in particular decided to transform the aspect of theirs and entrusted the renovation to Joho Architecture. The result could not be more spectacular and successful.

Unusual reform of a facade1

Impressive, a house located in the mountain that with the structure of the new facade seems to want to embrace the environment. With hardly any major changes the architects have achieved a radical change, they have completely transformed the nature of housing. And there is more to see before and after:

Unusual reform of a facade2

Observing the images it is perceived that there have been no significant structural changes. In the original structure, only the entrance stairway has been removed when a terrace with its dark brick walls is built. The wall has also been removed from the ceiling, nothing more. On the other hand, the new façade built in aluminum slats completely modifies the perception of the house. You have to look several times to convince yourself that they are the same house.

Unusual reform of a facade3

It is prodigious to see how the imagination can transform something in such a radical way without resorting to great works or large economic investments. It is a really admirable job. Magnificent.


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