An open and multifunctional kitchen

An open kitchen with clearly differentiated areas for the different functions and jobs that we carry out today is a dream that is within everyone's reach. The kitchens are no longer just for cooking, nowadays we spend a lot of time in it and sometimes it is the only place where the whole family is together at the same time.

Open kitchen 1

But of course for this and to make the most of it, we have to have well differentiated spaces in the kitchen. Think that you are not just going to cut and chop vegetables, prepare the food and serve it in the dining room. It is also that the family will eat and even spend some leisure time in it.

Open kitchen 2

We will reserve the necessary spaces for each activity. The main one, cooking, must have the best conditions reserved and comply with the law of the working triangle of the kitchen. Cooking area, storage area and washing area should be at a distance that allows to work comfortably, without large displacements.

Open kitchen 3

If we have a window in the kitchen it is the ideal place for the sink. Washing the dishes while watching the world through your window is a very special experience.

Open kitchen 4

Having an island is fantastic, the workspace is multiplied and if it is like the one in the photo that has a better tap. We can prepare food really as a family with all the help available.

Open kitchen 5

It is also worth reserving a small space for a drink or a snack, so the part of the family that is not cooking will not bother the one that is doing it.

Open kitchen 6

A space dedicated to other tasks, review the invoices, study or work can be included perfectly in the kitchen or as in this case in a nearby annex.

Open kitchen 7

And of course have a dining area for the family to make the meals of the day in the same kitchen. It supposes a great saving in time and money because the rest of the house can be maintained better if we eat in the kitchen and we do not dirty another room.


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