An old house completely renovated

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, has been responsible for this extraordinary transformation. An old, dark house, which was full of life. Natural light , pure colors and design items They complement each other in a perfect balance.

An old house completely renovated1

White, green and tan color in different ranges they were chosen to give the framework to the decoration. The introduction of natural plants in most environments of the house, along with the natural lighting , make this house a refuge of peace, in which one never stops feeling in contact with nature.
Modern, simple, and cozy . They are the three adjectives that define it. The white used in most of its spaces and being the predominant color, together with the wood floor that grant warmth make a perfect match.
Only the rooms have been added to the walls vinyl or colors in the range of green to give the perfect frame for their owners to feel more comfortable in the most personal and intimate places.
The touch that the natural plants in every corner they create a perfect environment for any activity we want to do in it. Without a doubt it is an option to take into account. For the moment, enjoy this house.

An old house completely renovated2

An old house completely renovated3

An old house completely renovated4

An old house completely renovated5

An old house completely renovated6

An old house completely renovated7

An old house completely renovated8

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