An old farm in the French Basque Country

We are not going to discover here a designer who already has a wide international recognition. But it does not hurt to rescue the splendid work that Isabel López-Quesada made in this old pheasant farm converted into a modern country house. The property is located in Biarritz in the French Basque Country.

Country house 1

The Spanish designer did a wonderful job tailored to this charming house, a true example of traditional Basque architecture.

Country house 2

Country house 3

Country house 4

In the decoration of this traditional house with its fantastic old wooden floors and wooden ceilings, the style was clear. Vintage or retro is the style that went with the construction. But that does not mean that modern furniture can be used too, we can actually observe a wise combination of furniture. Rustic furniture like the coffee table next to modern furniture like the white sofa and between both some classic furniture.

Country house 5

Country house 6

The combination of the different elements that make up the decoration is resolved with the expertise that characterizes the designer. In the image above, the set formed by the old bookshop complemented by the old sofa and wrought iron coffee tables are a delight.

Country house 7

Country house 8

Country house 9

The kitchen meets the essential requirements of retro decoration without sacrificing functionality. It is a large kitchen with space to work, the furniture in retro style with those charming shell knobs marry perfectly with modern appliances. Once again we see great details like the old map hanging on a wall with age-specific flaws that perfectly match the tones of the old map of France.

Country house 10

Country house 11

The main room is located on the top floor, where we can admire the wooden structures that support the gabled roof. The bed is located between the two small windows and has two different tables as bedside tables. This room has its own bathroom that we can glimpse in the last photo.

Country house 12

Country house 13

The different bathrooms are decorated with recovered furniture where the modern faucet used stands out. The decorative and the practical once again go hand in hand. The bathroom in the upper image, that of the double sinks basin made of white marble is another of the designer's great touches. The blue chair next to the bathtub embedded in rustic wood forms a wonderful set.


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