An incredible folding chair

New furniture and accessories are always coming to the market, but the truth is that when we found this fabulous and unique chair we could not stop presenting it.


Is called "Flexible Love" and was designed by the Taiwanese Chishen Chiu.
Its design fuses the structure of an accordion and a honeycomb to obtain an extensible, adaptable and surprisingly resistant chair.
With a single pull you can convert an individual chair into a chair for eight or more people ... Yes! although it seems incredible !!! Also when you do not use it you can keep it in a corner. It does not occupy space and is ideal for those who have small spaces. It is also ideal for children. You only have to use your imagination and mold it to your liking !!!
We leave you some photos to know her and some videos to see her in action ...






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If you want to know more about this chair or you want to buy it, you can visit its website:
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