An exclusive residence facing the sea

Facing the sea, this luxurious English residence is located in Poole, a coastal and port city of Dorset County, south-west of England. This famous holiday town, tourist and with a long seafaring tradition, known for its magnificent natural harbor, the second largest in the world, is the setting where this luxury residence is located.

Luxurious beach house 1

Overlooking the sea, magnificent views that can be used one hundred percent, thanks to the facade totally glazed in this house. All the main rooms of the residence have direct views of the sea. The terrace and the garden are also located in this part of the house.

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Luxurious beach house 3

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This exclusive residence offers fun outside and inside. You can take advantage of the proximity of the sea and all the services offered by this English city. Inside the house is equipped with a great room to enjoy audiovisual entertainment.

Luxurious beach house 6

Luxurious beach house 7

The spacious and elegant living room has a seating area with sofa and armchairs and a modern fireplace. The dining area with a large white table and upholstered chairs also in white.

Luxurious beach house 5

Luxurious beach house 10

The kitchen, spacious and fully equipped, decorated in neutral tones and modern furniture in light-colored wood. It has a large angled central island, equipped with high stools, to enjoy a tasty and hearty "english breakfast". But first a visit to the gym to do some pilates exercises and prepare the body for the daily routine.

Luxurious beach house 8

Luxurious beach house 9

The bedrooms overlooking the port of Poole allows you to rest while you lose your look in that huge bay, furrowed by a large number of sailboats. Poole is one of the most important sailing centers in all of Great Britain. A huge dressing room so there are no problems with the typical "I do not know where to keep my clothes".

Luxurious beach house 11

Luxurious beach house 12

The bathrooms, according to the design of the house, are also modern and functional. Wide and well lit.


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