An English style country house

More and more people around the world, tired of the stress of urban life and pollution, decide to move away from the nucleus of cities and reside in the countryside. It is the story of Mark and Katie, a London couple with three children who decided that the advantages of rural life were superior to the comforts of the city. So they moved to Hampshire, south of the UK, in the legendary British countryside, and now they live in this beautiful cottage Typically English that surely you will like it.

Country house 01

The kitchen is the favorite place for the couple, who did not hesitate to equip it with everything necessary, without skimping on the distinctive details that make this place an incredibly welcoming place. They decided to continue along the lines of the great English country houses, decorating with the type of furniture that is so characteristic of them. The result is so charming that even her little dog has fallen at her feet.

Country house 02

Country house 03

In the dining room also highlights the use of rural furniture with that touch so classic but imperishable English taste, for example those plaid sofas, the detail of the fireplace or large cupboards for storing food, crockery, cutlery ...

Country house 04

For its part, the rooms have been decorated with all the tradition of rural English flavor, where there are plenty of country paintings, floral sheets and the comfort of a huge mattress. The main room, despite not being the largest, has fabulous views of the countryside. The rest of the rooms also follow this premise of creating warm environments, typically traditional and very comfortable, with rustic elements such as chests or checkered vintage headboards.

Country house 05

Country house 06

As for the bathroom, it speaks for itself: in every detail (the bathtub, the rustic furniture or the curtains) you can appreciate the unmistakable rustic character of these houses that do not seem to pass the time, and where it is not difficult forget about the hustle and recover a little of the lost calm in the city.

Country house 07

Country house 08


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