An elegant hall with little money

In times we must sharpen the ingenuity and see how to maintain a good decoration at home with little money. Without spending fortunes and using simple ideas you can transform your environments.

An elegant hall with little money 1

Today we will see how to do it with a receiver, small but very cozy.
In this case, simple objects have been used. Mirrors of various sizes in a circular shape to which a medium-sized hook has been added. These hooks can be used to hang coats, purses, bags, hats, scarves, etc. All the implements we carry outside when leaving homes. Keep in mind to place the mirrors at different heights so that they can be used by all the people in the house or who come to visit, not all have the same height ...
For the table, two small stools or flat seat benches have been used, in leather or leather material. You can join them through their legs or base so that they do not separate and on them place, books that you usually take away from home, a beautiful vase, with natural or artificial flowers and you can even add a container for the keys or the mobile.
A very easy way to give a unique touch to your hall.
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