An elegant and cozy apartment in New York

This wonderful apartment, sober and elegant but full of light and with the right brushstrokes of color, is the result of the remodeling of two old adjoining apartments by Tirmizi Campbell. This architect and designer from New York has perfectly solved the order and has offered an avant-garde and sophisticated space to the couple who owns the apartment.


Following current trends but without shrillness, this could define the decoration of this apartment. Straight and pure lines, white and wood are the hallmarks that the designer wanted to give to her work.


It is an open concept apartment where the living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space. Although the different areas are perfectly delimited.


The kitchen is at the other end of the room and here the whiteness predominates, everything in it is white, in such a way that it gets to blend into the general background of the apartment.


As we see here, the kitchen is very close to the entrance door of the apartment. Although to enter what really attracts attention is the living area and dining room.


To give life to all this whiteness of the kitchen has been chosen to decorate with bright red accessories such as dishes, pots and jars placed on the shelf on the side of the kitchen.


The hanging lamp, the small sideboard and the striking picture frame a rectangular dining table in black. With corresponding chairs of the same color.


Here we can see an iron column that has been preserved in sight. These structural details of the old buildings must always be kept in view as they give character to the home.


From the entrance, the ceiling lamps play an important role in the distribution of this open space, they are responsible for marking the different spaces of the apartment.


We saw before and now reflected in the mirror the wall of the bathroom covered with tiles of a deep and bright indigo color. It is an excellent way to create a focal point and to break the monotony of the rest of the bathroom.


A simple office with sofa that can be used as a guest bed. To highlight the great brightness of the apartment, obviously for its location on top of a large building, but that the designer and architect has taken advantage of perfectly.

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