An economical but stylish room

You just got married, you went to live as a couple or you're planning on it. You do not have much money and you do not know how to buy everything you need for this new stage of your life. Do not despair, we give you an idea so you can have a room with style, but without spending a lot of money.

An economical but stylish bedroom

You both have your furniture from your life singles. Who does not have a chair, perhaps small tables or desks, a small bench or armchair. Well, putting everything together you can put together a beautiful room for both of us.
Many people, above all men, usually have two-seater and larger beds in their rooms. They can recycle it and transform it into the matrimonial bed of the new home.
The idea is to unify all those furniture that you already have and create a personal and stylish decoration.
A color that always looks good is white. With it you can combine all the colors there are. It is the perfect base for everything. In addition to light gives space to spaces and makes people feel good.
That is why you can buy white paint, sand all the furniture you have and paint them all white to standardize them.
It does not matter if you do not have tables at night, with a good desk or small table that has one of the two, you can transform it like the one that comes out in this bedroom.
Also, you can add a structure to the bed like the one in the photo and also paint it white. You can see if you look carefully that the lamp in the room hangs on the bed passing through that structure (also has its white screen).
As they do not have tables of light, they use their old chairs already painted to support the clothes, to leave some book, etc. And in the small corner table you can place your books, makeup, glasses with water for the night, ornaments, in short everything you need.
To dress and put on shoes, they placed at the foot of the bed a small painted and reupholstered stool and small armchair without backrest. All in the range of white.
They only invited in painting, the structure of the bed and the sheets and other bedding.
Do not you think it's a fabulous idea to start ???
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