An economic umbrella stand for your hall

If before we talk about the problem of wet shoes when entering our home , now we must talk about the umbrellas. Those small and medium accessories that are extremely useful until we get to our home and we do not know what to do with them.

economic umbrella stand 1

As well as the shoes, these are also wet and do not stop representing a problem and inconviente when we get home and all we want is to rest.
You do not have to worry anymore. With this practical advice you will solve it in a few and without spending a lot of money.
You only need an aluminum bucket and latex paint to match your decoration.
You have to paint 1/3 of the bucket on its bottom with the colored latex and let it dry for about 24 hours.
Then, you just have to place it in your receiver. Each one that enters with the umbrellas only has to place it there so that they dry and do not soil floor, walls or any piece of furniture.
It is important that you paint the lower part to hide possible spots that may be generated by the water remaining at the bottom of it.
Also, if you have wooden floors, you can stick a cloth on the bottom to avoid scratching the floor.
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