An eclectic decor loft

What we call eclectic decoration ? A type of decoration in which all kinds of elements participate, fusing styles to create a totally unique setting. This is what has been done in this beautiful penthouse in Oslo (Norway). There is no lack of contributions as beautiful as those that the Scandinavian style knows how to give housing.

Eclectic decoration 1

The architectural skeleton of the loft is visible in beams and columns of black color that, added to the luminosity of the white, transmits a lot of warmth.

Eclectic decoration 2

The ceilings are high and there are large windows through which all possible light enters, so that the house is well lit.

Eclectic decoration 3

To the beauty and naturalness of the Scandinavian style (a style that, we remember, uses a lot the white color and the cold tones like the blue one) add surprising spaces like a fabulous bathroom with marble furniture and dark walls.

Eclectic decoration 4

Surprised by that break with the initial Scandinavian scheme, adding an expressive richness that completely changes the decorative concepts.

Eclectic decoration 5

Each room has a different style, and this is something that enhances the spaces. In the master bedroom we see again the Nordic style in all its splendor.

Eclectic decoration 6

In this beautiful little balcony there is an essential bohemian touch.

Eclectic decoration 7

It is a house with many facets, a house that seems to want to change at every step but where everything is properly thought out. The floor is of light wood flooring.

Eclectic decoration 8

Decorative details such as these dolls make small places amazing places where we do not know what we will find.

Eclectic decoration 9

The kitchen, with ample white marble furniture, plays with that contrast seen before between white surfaces and a darker finish that does not detract from a bit of luminosity.

Eclectic decoration 10

Eclectic decoration 11

Eclectic decoration 12

There are other absolutely fantastic contributions: pictures and photographs, a warm carpet, art objects, gold details, a fantastic little fireplace to heat the home, marble blocks, urban details ...

Eclectic decoration 13

And a ladder leads us to a small upper room that is a warm bedroom.

Eclectic decoration 14

Eclectic decoration 15

Eclectic decoration 16

Eclectic decoration 17

Eclectic decoration 18

Eclectic decoration 19


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