An eclectic and personal department

I am convinced that this department that we present to you may like each other, but it will seem that your decoration has many faults. When we speak of eclecticism we refer to the combination of furniture and accessories of different style and we always emphasize that it is an option that must be taken with great care.

Eclectic apartment 0

Eclecticism does not consist of filling a room with different objects each from a different source.

Eclectic apartment 1

Eclectism is the style that most lends itself to personalization. The furniture, decorative accessories and other elements that make up the decoration have been chosen by a person based on very personal criteria. In this department there will be those who think that there are too many things, that there is a lack of free space, but maybe that is the personality of the owner.

Eclectic apartment 2

Eclectic apartment 3

Eclectic apartment 4

There are many lovely details that of course fit very well and the neutral background allows you to enjoy them. Surely in the beginning the owner wanted to decorate the living room in black and white but then he felt trapped by the red that stands out in various accessories and the sofa.

Eclectic apartment 5

Eclectic apartment 6

So many details on the shelves sure disturb the spirit of the most purist of minimalism. At least it is curious that accumulation of decorative objects but reflect the traveler spirit of the owner who has been accumulating small memories of his innumerable trips around the planet.

Eclectic apartment 7

Eclectic apartment 8

Eclectic apartment 9

Eclectic apartment 10

Eclectic apartment 11

Eclectic apartment 12

Eclectic apartment 13

Eclectic apartment 14

Other more measured details are charming as the silver mirror, the memories of Barcelona, ​​the wings of an angel who spent a moment for the owner's life and that beautiful suitcase that is a materialization of his traveling spirit.

Eclectic apartment 15

Eclectic apartment 16

Eclectic apartment 17

The bedroom, much more measured tells us of a person who does not need much to rest, a clear environment and a few decorative objects. A restless and traveler with a rich personality that is reflected in their small apartment.


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