An assortment of modern table linen

The table linen It is important when presenting a table. Therefore we must take this aspect into account and look for the model that best suits the type of event we are going to carry out.

modern table linen1

The modern table linen It is more daring, allowing us to choose between different prints and fabrics (linoleum, raincoat, cotton). The classic white has been displaced by other proposals much more colorful, expanding the spectrum of colors, even ranges such as black, which give the table an appearance of greater modernity.

modern table linen 2

modern table linen3

We see in these proposals tables dressed in colorful tablecloths: black to give greater distinction; Pink if the lunch or dinner is more informal; a proposal of modern Madeira tablecloths in white with an embroidered design in beige and cream tones; or coffee tones, elegant and select. The napkins can go to game or we can try with other tones, by way of contrast. In addition, the tablecloths can be of a single piece or try to place placemats, so that each of the diners have their own personal plot on the table.

modern table linen4

modern table linen5

The fabric of the tablecloths begins to take more into account: from the traditional fabric we go to the anti-stain tablecloths with more modern prints. This option of table linen is the best when we eat with wine on the table: the impenetrable fabric of these tablecloths prevent them from getting impregnated with difficult stains. So washing is much easier.

modern table linen6


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