An apartment with a lot of personality

This original apartment is located on the top floor of a Georgian building located in Notting Hill, London. The architect Johanna Molineus has designed and decorated this charming apartment to make it your home.

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The background color, the white, gives it a Nordic air and a canvas-like style on which to display exquisite furniture and collections.

The architect's fantastic collection of Asian and Central American textiles is renewed several times a year. This is a great way to give personality to a decoration.

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The apartment is composed of an open and well lit space that is used as a living room, dining room and work area. A multi-purpose space featuring some classic furniture and lamps from the middle of the last century, classic works by Marcel Breuer and Arne Jacobsen.

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The light turns thanks to the immaculate whiteness of the space and the clear tone of the parquet wood in a key element in the decoration of this apartment.

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Wood, stone and an infinite sapwood are a magnificent frame for any decoration. The contrast of the color of the textiles becomes a great incentive.

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The kitchen follows the same predominant tone. The whiteness is a good background for the silver and steel of the decorative complements.

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The room, almost spartan, is also a space of great simplicity. The color point is left for bedding, curtains and some other textile.

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The bathroom could not be less and it is also a white and bright space. Only one of the walls has been painted in blue to add more character to the piece.

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