An apartment in Bohemian style

The elegant and sometimes surprising management of color and materials, which sometimes occupy entire walls, characterizes the work done in this apartment of New York by the agency Incorporated Architecture & Design . An original and fresh design, with a large palette of bright colors and the use of natural textures create the Bohemian atmosphere that radiates this renovated apartment.

Bohemian style decoration 1

The furniture in the living room has been made to measure to cover the entire wall. The turquoise blue color has been used to paint also the piano that is thus submerged in the set of furniture. A blue wall like the sea.

Bohemian style decoration 2

Bohemian style decoration 3

The kitchen, so discreet, has a colorful motif on the wall of the cooking area. It is a way to maintain the coherence of the apartment design without renouncing the pragmatism of a kitchen with straight lines. The textures of the natural wood table and the wall covering contrast beautifully with the classic armchairs upholstered in fine pink fabric with floral motifs.

Bohemian style decoration 4

Bohemian style decoration 5

Bohemian style decoration 6

The head of the bed, an antique carved door with old decorative nails contrasts with the purity of lines of the playground dedicated to children and with the Children's room , a delicious song to the trees.

Bohemian style decoration 7

Bohemian style decoration 8

The baby room also has trees as a reason. The space of the sink, covered with a colorful tile both on the wall and on the floor breaks the seriousness of the whole bathroom. An apartment with great visual contrasts that in isolation can be shocking but in the overall decoration of the house give coherence to the work done.


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