An apartment bathed in light

The Swedish interior designer Lanna Lagerman is an enthusiast of naturally lit spaces , like that of this beautiful loft, whose impressive glass roof achieves a magnificently illuminated interior.

Loft full of light 1

The views at that height are, in addition, another of the things that make this house such a special place, and with a unique design that collects the best of Nordic minimalism, the glamor of vintage and the comfort of the simple life. Details that are nurtured in a very artistic interior and careful after that air of apparent improvisation and self-control. All this on a wooden planked floor that gives it even more special charm.

Loft full of light 2

Loft full of light 3

This loft is a magical universe, where the small details show the hand of someone who has pampered every aspect, getting a most cozy interior and something naíf as well.

Loft full of light 4

The stacks of magazines placed under the table, making legs; black and white photographs on the bathroom door; a glass table in which magazines and objects of the most varied are stacked; or the small pillows hanging on the bed, are various gestures that make this a very personal space for lovers of tranquility and naturalness.

Loft full of light 5

Loft full of light 6


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