Always find a space for your new wardrobe

In the end, when we no longer know where to store our things, we must consider the installation of a new wardrobe. There are many solutions in this aspect, built-in wardrobes, made in chain, made-to-measure and walk-in wardrobes. If we have enough space to make a dressing is one of the best options but of course it can not always be.

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Oh! and before getting into work you must do a good screen and dislodge all those clothes and objects that you do not use for years. It is often said that everything that we have not used for two years should be thrown away and it is not a bad rule, of course.

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Put in matter the first thing will be to locate the ideal place to install our new closet. We can take advantage of a gap or create a custom-made one taking advantage of the architecture of the house. In a small room we can take full advantage of the height to the roof to take better advantage of the space. Another excellent idea is to build the closet in the most spacious room of the house, even if it is the living room, so we do not reduce the bedroom even further but it is very spacious.

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We have to sharpen our gaze to locate the best possible place and for this the best thing is to look very well at the architectural features of our house. If our house has an attic we can order custom cabinets and take better advantage of this space. In the same way if we have stairs at home we can take advantage of the space below them to create a large storage area.

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If the house has a good corridor, you can take advantage of one side to create an immense wardrobe, even if it is shallow. In such a closet there is much more than we can imagine. In short, we can install a closet anywhere and so get rid of that sense of disorder that we do not have enough space to store our things.

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