Alternative lighting (II): oil, salt and neon lamps

Continuing with the alternative lighting that we can use for our house, we find peculiarities such as oil lamps waves of salt , and some ideas retro , like lighting with neons .

oil, salt and neon lamps 1

Some of the first lamps used by man were those of oil. For this they used a stone as a container and filled it with animal fat or vegetable oil, which in turn could be extracted from the olive or the nuts. Stuffing the interior of this artifact with a little moss achieved a wick that ignited the same oil, while absorbing it.

Currently we can use this type of lamps for terraces or patios, or indoors, whenever we want to create subdued and intimate environments.

oil, salt and neon lamps2

This more modern design, for example, is a "table fireplace" made with oil. It consists of two stainless steel trunks attached on a slate base. A small sculptural set that allows to be transported to any place of the house, with the maximum security guarantee.

oil lamps, salt and neon3

The neons, meanwhile, evoke the best of the golden decade of the Eighties. Rock environments and lighting kitsch are what offer us original designs like this one neon lamp Stacked and multicolored.

oil lamps, salt and neon4

oil lamps, salt and neon5

As for the salt lamps , they are really curious. They come from the Himalayas and are made as a local craft, through which the interior of the stone is perforated and a tiny incandescent lamp is introduced. This mechanism takes advantage of the optical properties of the mineral to transmit light, achieving incredible illumination, widely used in meditative philosophy.

oil lamps, salt and neon6


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