Alternative lighting (I): paper lamps

The paper lamps They have the charm of things made by hand, also known as the classic style "Do it yourself" ("do it yourself"). They are handcrafted, they have a complement "Naif" that makes them irresistible and, in addition, they are very beautiful. With them we can decorate any corner of the house, birthday parties, dining rooms, bedrooms ... Some models can be spectacular, like the mobile classics that hang in children's rooms.

Lighting with paper lamps 1

Regarding the structure of these lamps, we find that they are iron or wood frames covered with a screen made with paper. Inside they have a small light bulb whose luminous effect is attenuated thanks to the paper: they are ideal to achieve intimate atmospheres in special places of the house.

Lighting with paper lamps 2

Lighting with paper lamps 3

If you dare, you can make them with newspapers and magazines, or buy special paper for this type of objects. They are a little like the oriental style of origami , an origami technique that has given rise to incredible decorative figures.

Lighting with paper lamps 4

Lighting with paper lamps 5

You can hang them from the ceiling or put them on a stand so they can be placed on a table or shelf. Whatever your choice, you will get a very playful and carefree decoration, authentically original.

Lighting with paper lamps 6

Lighting with paper lamps 7

Lighting with paper lamps 8

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