Alarms for your home integrated into your decoration

Recently, and in the middle of summer, the increase of organized gangs dedicated to home thefts has come to light. The summer period is, thus, one of the periods in which more families are outside their homes, due to holidays, and this makes their homes in points of view for thieves. Therefore, it is not surprising that in recent years the security market has developed new warning and protection techniques, as well as improved efficiency, such as those known home alarms .

Alarms for your home integrated into your decoration

Thefts in Spain: a business

The data attracts attention. Each day there is an average of 37.4 thefts in homes in the Community of Madrid. According to the figures handled by the Ministry of the Interior, only in the first quarter of this 2018 there have been a total of 3,374 thefts in this region. Likewise, a large part of these robberies are carried out by organized gangs, who know how to move perfectly and how to proceed in the face of an intrusion of this style.

Faced with this situation, it is increasingly common to hear about methods to protect our home and go quiet on vacation, without fear of a surprise on our return. But, in addition, the new security systems have proposed a goal beyond scare the thieves, also seek to go unnoticed.

Discretion and security: in all your house

Indeed, the decoration can be our great ally to ensure that our house is protected discreetly and that thieves do not know at any time that we are ahead. For this, the objective must be to hide the security system that we have decided to install between the decoration of our home.

The truth is that there are different tricks that we can put into practice playing with elements such as curtains, lamps or furniture that we have in different rooms of our home. Here are some of the most effective and easy to implement:

  • Decorative cameras: In order to make our camera look like a decorative element before a camera, we can use, for example, the decorative figures we have. A craftwork, such as a bowl or a figure, can be a good resource. Inside, we can house our camera. Another option is to resort to cameras that have, themselves, shaped decorative figures. They will go completely unnoticed.
  • The lamps: Especially if we like the ornate decorative style, the lamps can be of great help. The fact that they are located on the heights makes themselves less noticeable to the naked eye. And not only that, its height can allow us to get good recording angles, which is indispensable in these cases.
  • The colors of our decoration: They can be key when it comes to disguising our security system. If we have a camera the same color as the wall or furniture, it will be much easier to go unnoticed.
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