Aladdin Up the futuristic bed

The Italian firm Alf Group , dedicated to the production of modern design furniture , is one of the best known in your country. His philosophy is based on anticipating new trends and betting on the most avant-garde, but never forgetting such fundamental aspects as utility, balance and the use of space. Your collection of Beds Aladdin It is causing real sensation. It is a suspended bed that seems to levitate on the floor, thanks to a very innovative and practical design concept in which the bed frame and the headboard are perfectly joined.

A bed of the future 1

The piece also incorporates side tables, in line with the effect "Up" of his name. An ingenious way to take advantage of the space through a single piece of furniture, also facilitating cleaning tasks as there are no bed legs in between. The shape of the headboard is of maximum utility: it contains small modules in which you can leave the alarm clock, the mini-chain or even a glass of water, all well within reach of our hand, and has a padded area that enhances even more the appearance Overall high comfort.

A bed of the future 2

A bed of the future 3

Basic straight lines, minimalist cut, for a very special futuristic design, designed for those seeking utility and wellbeing above all. Its excellent finish and structure have been specially oriented to ensure our rest and promote order in the bedroom. At the moment we can find two different models, one in white and one in blue.

A bed of the future 4

A bed of the future 5


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