Aires sailors to decorate your house this summer

The sea as a decorative theme has a fresh and endearing air that makes us dream of the pleasure of its closeness. If you live near or next to the sea, congratulations, with these ideas you will have a decoration according to your location. But if this is not the case, do not worry, the marine theme can also be used inland and of course there is no need to decorate the whole house with this theme, although we can do it if we like it, the children's room, a living room, the patio or any other room in the house can be decorated with these accessories. Take a look at our proposals and decorate your house this summer with sailors.


Do you have a terrarium at home or several? Have you thought about riding one? Well, to this fantastic decorative complement we can also give it a marine style. Fine white sand and mollusk shells will suffice for this.


The rope also has a great sailor tradition. The ropes, always so necessary in a boat, were no more than this, ropes braided with vegetable fibers. They can be used to make a simple pouf ourselves.


A curtain like this hanging in any bathroom is enough to introduce that characteristic marine scent.


Photographs, our or others, paintings or lithographs with marine themes are also a good contribution to complete our marine decoration.


Objects of use in fishing boats, such as this net, and some shells or any other useful marine can serve us in our task.


These nice measuring spoons in the shape of whales will be a good complement to the marine decoration of our kitchen.


This marine inspired doormat is a good DIY project to give a marine touch to our decoration.


In the kitchen we can hang old wooden cutting boards and a basket, as we see above, and although it is not so clear the allusion will also serve our purpose.


The seashells are a classic when it comes to decorating a house or part of it with marine inspiration. They are easy to obtain, economic, they are a very clear allusion and their forms are very interesting. In this case we see how we can use them as candlesticks for small candles.


The colors that we should use for a marine decoration I think we all know, the white and blue of the sea. In textiles the blue and white striped pattern is inevitable.


Another beautiful example of the use of seashells. A beautiful project in which we can involve the little ones in the process, from finding the shells to hanging them on the stand.


Light furniture, blue and white, wooden floor, a lot of light and a hammock could be defined as the marine decoration par excellence.


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